As Self-Employed Pays Social Security and Retires With Benefit



How should the self-employed person pay social security?

Having an income in the third age and more tranquility in old age is a subject always on the agenda in Brazil. There is a growing number of professionals who leave their jobs with a formal contract and become independent professionals. If you are in this category it is important to know how stand alone pays social security and gets regularized.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil now has more than 22 million autonomous workers. Those who exploit their enterprises alone or with partners are considered autonomous. Formerly known as ‘self-employed’ professionals. But do you know how autonomous pays welfare?

When you are a CLT professional, social security charges are paid by the company in which you work. It is very common if you are a freelancer never having thought of contributing. But it is important to know how to proceed and make the payment on your own.

How autonomous pays social security?

How autonomous pays social security?

See the step-by-step guide for you as a freelancer to get the INSS guide payment. Look:

Step 1: The beginning of this process is to provide a PIS number. If you have already worked it already exists! it’s probably in your Work Card. If you do not have the PIS number, go to one of the Social Security agencies in your home city and make this request! She is important!

Step 2: With your PIS number in hand, it means that you already have a social security deposit account. Step two is to choose the type of contribution you want to make. Since you are a freelancer, you will be an “Individual Taxpayer”, the only thing that differentiates one from the other is the code number.

Code 1007 – Individual Taxpayer – INSS


This code indicates that you are interested in paying the INSS 20% of your total income. Valid for payment up to 20% of R $ 4,663.75. With this contribution you are entitled to both types of retirement: age and length of service. In addition, he is also entitled to INSS pensions.

Code 1163 – Individual Taxpayer – INSS


You will choose code 1163 if you want to collect 11% of the minimum wage, equivalent to an INSS payment of R $ 103.07 per month. Who uses this code also has to the INSS and pensions. However, you can only retire by age, not by length of service. By paying this tab you will have a payment amount for a minimum wage. Learn more about retiree must pay income tax.

Step 3: Once you have chosen how you are going to make your payment, simply complete the GPS (Social Security Guide) correctly. You have purchased this card from stationers and filled it in manually.

Step 4: Then just go to any bank or lottery house to make this payment.

If you are a professional who has worked as a freelance for some time but could not pay your INSS at some period, you can contribute late and make up for that time. To find out how much time you need to contribute, you just have to go to one of the Social Security agencies.


How to Start Investing in Direct Treasure in 6 Steps

 Direct treasury has emerged as a safe investment option and with good profitability. Modality that allows the individual to buy public bonds, is an investment tied to the Selic, basic interest rate of the country. For this reason, it gains even more prominence in a scenario that points to an increase in interest rates, since direct treasury profitability accompanies this increase. DI funds, CDBs and real estate and agribusiness credit bills are also investments linked to the Selic, however, because they must have banks as intermediaries, they can charge administration fees that reach 3%, which is not the case with direct treasury, which does not necessarily need a financial institution to broker the deal. The investment in public bonds can only be done by opening a brokerage account. However, custody rates generally do not exceed 0.3% per annum.

Although it offers undeniable advantages, such as average profitability, security and the possibility of making a low investment (it is possible to start investing with only $ 30), direct treasury may not be indicated in some cases. Those who need money in the short term and / or seek a high return must opt ​​for another form of investment.

See all you need to know to start investing in direct treasure:

Make your registration

To invest in direct treasury, you must have a social security number and account with a financial institution. Then you must choose a brokerage firm or even a bank to be your custodian. It is this agent who will broker your direct treasure deals. Check in this link all the institutions that are authorized to operate with federal public securities. Before choosing your escrow agent be sure to check the administration fees that are charged for it. Contact your chosen escrow agent and register. At this time, you must provide all the necessary documents for the institution to open an account on your behalf to begin the operation with the direct treasury. You will receive a provisional BM & F Bovespa password to make your first access to the area in the event of purchases and sales of securities, checking of balances and statements. You will need to change the temporary password with a new one (which must be between eight and 16 digits, letters, numbers and special characters). With this, you will be enabled as an investor and can begin to choose your securities.

Choose the titles to invest

Choose the titles to invest

Direct treasury offers securities of the most diverse values ​​and for different purposes. So it is important to define your profile and know exactly what you want to choose which title or titles to buy. With regard to profitability, what do you seek? Know exactly how much you will receive on the maturity date of the security, choose an option that yields above inflation or a profitability close to the Selic rate? If you identify with the first alternative, titles like NTN-F or LTN are the best, because you will know what income you will receive. Whoever wants income above inflation, on the other hand, can choose titles like NTN-B and NTN-B Principal. The LTF is the title indicated for the investor that wants profitability close to the basic interest rate of the country. To help you figure out what is the most appropriate title for your profile and financial goals, the right treasury offers the Financial Advisor tool on your website and in the investor-restricted area. Through it, you know the titles available and can choose the most appropriate. Then you just have to make the purchase.

Stay tuned for application channels

Investing in direct treasury can be done in three ways. The first one is through the treasure site itself. Simply access the restricted area with your password and make yourself the purchase, sale, investment planning and consultation of balances and statements. Another possible way to invest is through your custody agent’s website. Some institutions have websites that are integrated with direct treasury sites, which enables you to buy and sell government bonds on the agent’s website at the same rates and prices as the Treasure Direct site. The third option is to invest through the custody agent. In this case, you give the financial institution permission to trade public securities on your behalf.

Understand the modalities of application

Understand the modalities of application

There are two modalities of application in the direct treasury: the traditional investment and the programmed investment. The first modality refers to the buying and selling operations that can be done at any time of the day, within the program’s operating period. The planned investment deals with the purchase and sale scheduling, automatic reapplication of semiannual interest (called coupons) and the amount that will be redeemed on the maturity dates of the securities. Through the scheduled investment, you can do the planning of your finances.

Track results

Tracking the outcome of your investments in the direct treasure site is an important step. See how the performance of your titles is taking care, however, not to run away from your profile or the strategy you drew initially. Do not give in to the temptation to migrate to another type of investment because other securities are more valued than the ones you have chosen. In the long run, this migration can cause more losses than gains.

Sell ​​your bonds when the time comes

Sell ​​your bonds when the time comes

One of the great advantages of direct treasury is daily liquidity. That is, you can sell your government bonds on any business day. So when you reach your goal, sell your title and collect your income.

Direct treasury is an investment modality tailored for those who do not want to take a lot of risks, but seek a higher return than other traditional investments in the market, such as savings. To succeed in this modality, it is important to stay tuned, research and choose the public securities best suited to your profile and your financial goals.


7 Benefits of Business Financial Control for Your Business

 Have a good idea. Think about starting a business of your own. Build your business. Develop an excellent product or service. Hire employees. Grow up. This is the perfect roadmap that every entrepreneur dreams for his life.

But we know that in the midst of all these steps there are a number of factors that need to be taken care of to get to the last point. One of the most important is corporate financial control.

According to the report Global Financial Stability, made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the level of indebtedness of Brazilian companies is among the highest in emerging countries.

Given this scenario, the benefits of this control become even more essential. After all, it is he who will give an overview of your company, pointing out problems and indicating the best decisions to be made to reach the solutions.

In this article, Sir Anthony Absolute will show all the benefits of business financial control, as well as important concepts and information for your business to go further and further.

What is corporate financial control?

What is corporate financial control?

Any company that wants to survive the first few months of life or wants to stay active for many years, needs to control their finances very well.

It is no news to anyone that the expectation is always to make a profit. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to know precisely all the factors that, when added, will reach this result.

Corporate financial control is the tool that will show you where you can invest your money, what expenses or revenues are frequent, and where exactly every cent is generated by your business. With it, you have a complete look at some important information such as:

  • Operational costs
  • Wages and benefits of employees
  • Products that make a profit
  • Damaging Products
  • Budget planning
  • Bills to pay
  • Bills to receive

Benefits of Corporate Financial Control

Benefits of Corporate Financial Control

Making important decisions is never an easy thing. When it comes to companies, mainly. If you go the wrong way, the result can be catastrophic.

How about having a partner at those times? Corporate financial control helps in your choices and brings more security to your day to day.

1. Tranquility in management

The first and great benefit sometimes is not even noticed. By performing a good financial control business, you keep your business running, with your bills up and well targeted investments.

All this allows you to have the peace of mind needed to make the best decisions to run your business. Nobody likes to take important steps with the rope around their necks, does not it?

2. Cutting expenses

You make a list every time you go to the grocery store, right? If you’re spending too much, you’ll need to review your purchases. With corporate financial control, so too.

You can put all your spending on paper, identifying the superfluous, the unnecessary, and the need to be revised to realize that it can be crucial for the bill to hit at the end of the month.

3. Forecasting for the future

We’re not talking about crystal ball! The corporate financial control allows setting short, medium and long term goals, defining a budget for each of these periods.

Thus, it is possible to design new investments for tomorrow, growing in a structured and planned way, through actions such as the opening of channels of action or the diversification of its lines of products or services.

4. ROI Planning and Tracking

ROI, or Return on Investments, is the ratio of the money you have earned or lost on an investment. With corporate financial control, it is possible to evaluate the ROI of a particular investment in advance to determine whether or not it is worth doing.

After making the investment, you can also track your performance if the return is as expected, correcting routes if necessary.

5. Recruitment or dismissal of staff

What are the costs to increase your team? And what are they otherwise? Hiring and firing is part of every day business. But with corporate financial control, it is possible to carry out these actions in a more structured way.

With it, you can gauge whether your cash flow allows you to afford a new employee – taking into account all costs like INSS and FGTS – plus the impact on your pocket of a contractor’s termination.

6. Definition of the selling price

Mapping your competitors and investigating how each acts in your market are the basic actions to set the selling price of your product or service.

But there are other factors, such as the Contribution Margin Projection and the Point of Balance Projection, that good corporate financial control will help you to do. They are important information to make the calculations necessary for your projections.

7. Collaborative budgeting

A good corporate financial control helps in the accomplishment of an action done by several institutions and that brings excellent results: the collaborative budget.

Basically, the collaborative budget allows each sector of the company to mount its budget proposal, justifying the need for the values, negotiating with the board its approval.

Thus, everyone comes to understand the impact of their actions on the end result of the business.

Many companies divide a percentage of what is saved as a way to motivate teams and encourage people to carry out their activities with a common goal and in a more conscious way.

Enterprise financial control allows you to understand the feasibility of the budgets presented, as well as the return that the sectors of your business have given from what is invested in them.

Want to go deeper into the subject? Sir Anthony Absolute explains in this article what you need to know to do your business financial control.

If you also want to have a good management of your personal financial life, here we explain why you should use a manager for this.

Corporate financial control is a broad and detailed subject. So if you have any questions, let’s talk! Leave in the comments just below.



Is Pensions Better Than Savings For What Reasons?

Is Welfare Better Than Savings?

Savings are Brazil’s best-known investment modality. However, in recent years, many people have been opting for private pension. Is a pension plan better than saving?

Thinking about the future

Thinking about the future

Life is not easy for anyone, and we do not know what will happen in the years to come. Therefore, it is fundamental to start planning in the sense of having some guarantee in the future.

Recent news about the gap in the public pension system in Brazil throws some uncertainty about the workers’ retirement.

There is a concrete fear that the system will break, leaving poor beneficiaries who have contributed for many years to come.

Because of this, the option of investing in savings or a private pension plan has become attractive to the population. Mainly as an alternative to social security.

But which is better?

To know whether foresight is better than saving, or the opposite, we will analyze each one separately.

Savings: popular, practical and little paid


For a long time, savings accounts represented the preferred form of investment for the average Brazilian.

The great attraction of this investment is its practicality. The person can redeem the money from the savings at any time, without the incidence of income tax.

In addition, the FGC guarantees the reimbursement of up to R $ 250,000 for the holder of the book in the event of any problem with the bank.

This means that, up to the amount above, the money in the savings is safe even if the bank goes bankrupt.

As for income, the savings yield a maximum of 0.5% per month, which results in just over 6%.

Welfare: long-term forced savings

Welfare: long-term forced savings

Unlike savings, private pension plans do not have a FGC guarantee.

In addition, to make short-term redemptions of a pension plan, you will have to pay high fees.

Another disadvantage is that private pension plans are subject to Income Tax, in both progressive and regressive models.

If you do not have the discipline to make monthly applications, the pension plan is committed to pay monthly.

Is Welfare Better Than Savings?

Is Welfare Better Than Savings?

Comparing the two types of investment, we can conclude that, in general, a pension plan is better than saving.

Savings income is often below inflation. The profitability of private pension plans varies according to the plan, but usually exceeds that of savings. Even with the incidence of taxes.

Of course, in case you opt for social security, try to research and choose a known and trustworthy institution.

+ Which to choose: CDB or savings?

If you live with the possibility of suddenly redeeming the money applied, in an emergency, the savings may still be attractive to you.

Consider investing in a fixed income application. There are several options in the market, with profitability of approximately 11% per year, and guaranteed by the FGC.

The savings have already had their glory days, but they belong to the past.

Now that you know a little more about social security, see also how to do your children’s welfare.


How to Secure Your Future: Advice Loans

IKZE is an abbreviation of the Individual Retirement Security Account, which is an element of the third pillar of the pension insurance system in Poland. It is a tool for saving for private retirement, which is characterized by tax benefits. Is it different from IKE and who can create it?

IKZE – how does the retirement pension method work?


The founding of IKZE begins with the selection of an institution authorized to run it. The most profitable, but also not carrying a big risk are voluntary pension funds and investment funds, to which NN Investment Partners (formerly ING Investment Management) recommended in many rankings, the offer of which is available at https: // www. . The account is credited with funds that can not exceed 1.2 times the average salary per year – this amount is given to public information every year. Cumulative and multiplied money can be withdrawn after the age of 65 (then only 10% tax will be charged), and in the case of early withdrawal, you must take into account the obligation to pay Belka tax, amounting to 19%. However, if you want to change only the service provider, we can do it without a problem, and if it happens after 12 months from signing the contract, the process will be free.

Who can set up an Individual Pension Security Account?

Who can set up an Individual Pension Security Account?

An account can be opened by anyone who lives in Poland and here settles income tax on natural persons. The age limit is 16 years of age, and persons to be of age must have a fixed income documented by a contract of employment. The Individual Pension Security Account can be held in parallel with IKE (that is, the Individual Pension Account , more on this later in the text).

Beam tax and income tax – IKZE tax benefits


The Individual Pension Security Account is endowed with two tax benefits. First, the profits obtained in this way are not subject to capital gains tax, i.e. the so-called Belka tax, which is 19%. We will only pay it if we decide to pay before the age of 65. You can look at this as a guarantee of retaining savings up to the retirement age. Secondly, the sum of money paid into IKZE can be deducted from personal income tax, which means that you can get a refund from the Tax Office.

Difference between IKE and IKZE

Difference between IKE and IKZE

There are several differences between IKE and IKZE. The first concerns the age censure valid for the payment of funds without the Belka’s tax burden. In the case of IKZE, as already mentioned, it is 65 years old. However, an IKE owner can do it already at the age of 60, or even 50 years (with almost a faster retirement). Another difference concerns tax breaks. In the case of an Individual Pension Account, we can not deduct the paid income tax money. However, there is no charge of 10% tax on the disbursement of funds after reaching retirement age. It is possible to have both accounts, but in practice it is best to analyze the possible profits and invest in one of the options.

The Payday Loan of Union Becomes United.

The loan of union becomes Younited Credit

The loan of union becomes Younited Credit


In order to reduce the financial difficulties, many opt for the loan. Often, these are complicated by the different procedures and protocols to follow, and again, the interest rates are lump sum compared to the proposals of the financial institution in question. As a result, most needy prefer to find other alternatives. Among these alternatives available to the public are loans-between individuals. It is here a question of PAP, that is to say ready from particular to particular. The best known is the Union loan but the latter has recently been changed in its nomenclature: now becomes “YounitedCredit”. The question then arises on this type of platform. In order to answer all related questions, it is more appropriate to provide more explanations on PAPs. has more information

What is a PAP

What is a PAP

The PAPs, first of all, is the diminutive acronym for ” Loan-to-Individuals “: as its name indicates, this is a loan agreement concluded between two persons (physical or legal), including the object relates to a loan or a loan, according to the conditions which they themselves define, materialized in a contract, which will serve as their law for the execution of their reciprocal obligations. The peculiarity of this system lies in the fact that banks never have to intervene. See for yourself the different offers and proposals of the YounitedCredit on the site .

What is YounitedCredit

What is YounitedCredit

YounitedCredit is a private legal entity approved by the ACPR and the AMF . It is one of the most popular online platforms for personal loans across Europe. It is above all its competitive interest rate that has made it the most attractive on the current market . It can be said that this is a safe platform given that since its inception the court of online financial exchanges, it has already been able to reap more than 320 million euros . Especially since the foreign exchange transactions it carries are long-term. It offers its subscribers a multitude of choices on the investments to be made, gives advice that is relevant enough for different kinds of operation that could be beneficial .

Membership conditions of YounitedCredit

Membership conditions of YounitedCredit

The conditions of membership are simple for the identification of the person and a certain assurance of the regularity of the existence of the person: the identity (name and certified address), as well as the financial situation in order to take no unnecessary risk. It ensures that the creditworthiness of its subscribers is ensured so that the claim is settled after the fixed deadline.

This practice has become quite common because the offers are more attractive and interest more than one . There are platforms available on the net to take out a loan of this kind.

Payday loans debt consolidation -Take a look at payday loan consolidation

Take a look at payday loan consolidation

More and more people are choosing to buy a car. Your own car is a great convenience. We can reach wherever we want, in a much shorter time. We drive whenever we want, we do not have to wait for buses or trains. Most people, however, buy their cars in installments, taking loans that can be very hard to pay off.

Buying a Car on Credit Makes Sense?

We can compare the car loan to a fee for convenience. In addition to the amount you must pay for the car, we must pay interest, which is an additional cost for us. Unfortunately, most people do not look at it in this respect. They want to have a new car and decide to buy it, although they can not afford to buy it for cash. They often pay off the car for 10 or more years.

However, we also find people who find out that the loan for buying a car is pure stupidity. After all, it is not something necessary to live. You can make a debt to buy a house or a flat, but to buy a car? There will be opponents as well as advocates of everything, including taking credits.

We can always decide to buy an older car, much cheaper than the new one. The used car market is full of vehicles from about PLN 5,000 to 10,000. For this, it is often necessary to count the costs of repairs, which within a few years can amount to as much as … the price of its purchase. We will certainly find something for ourselves on the used car market. We can not count on such a great comfort as in the case of new salon vehicles, and the lack of failure-free, but in return we get a product several or even several dozen times cheaper. Something for something.

When is it really worth taking a car in installments?

Even the cheapest car loan is associated with costs that we have to reckon with. We pay the car, but also pay the bank for lending us money. However, if the car is to serve us, it is often the only way to buy it. In addition, the new car is the best choice because we can count on its trouble-free operation for the first few years of use. Which is very important in the vehicle that is to serve us.

Car loan is stupid if we buy something that we can not afford, and also if we are not really using the car too much. If, however, the car is to serve us for work and everyday operation, it is worth considering the option of crediting its purchase.

Consolidation of Loans | Medical Forefront and Newer Data in Robotic Surgery

Businesses Technology

True to its commitment to lead medical advances by offering high-quality health services, the Athens Medical Group has been a pioneer for Robotics Surgery for 13 years, and has been supplying the latest Robotic Surgery system, da Vinci Xi HD , version 2019.

Robotic System at the Athens Medical Center

The new robotic system that has been installed and has been fully operational for a few weeks at the Athens Medical Center maintains and significantly improves the characteristics of the previous da Vinci Xi systems, which relate to the excellent three-dimensional vision and flexibility of surgical instruments, while offering new important features in the field of ergonomics and imaging.

The incorporation of ICG is particularly important for controlling organ perfusion, complicated liver bladder anatomy, localization of lymph nodes, and avoiding blood loss and intraoperative complications. Also, this particular system, a special order for the Athens Medical Center , also has its own stapling tools that facilitate composers’ bowel surgery for anastomosis to avoid colostomy, large and difficult hives and all oncology interventions. In this way, almost the need for open interventions is abolished, except in rare cases.

In addition, it provides intraoperative navigation, which is particularly important since, with the imposition of imaging examinations, such as CT scan, we know in real time the exact location of the lesion, better identifying the anatomy. The flexibility of his arms and the ability to manipulate in very narrow spaces make it easy for surgeons to perform oncology interventions.

The upgraded version 2019, sophisticated robotic da Vinci Xi HD system, with new and exciting capabilities enables experienced, multidisciplinary medical team (Multidisciplinary Team, MTD) of the Athens Medical Center to offer more and more patients humane and rapid recovery, surgical repair of their problem, either through multiple microtoms or through a Single Site, a technique applied in General Surgery in Southeast Europe, only by Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis, MD, PhD, FACS, Associate Professor of Surgery, Ohio State University, USA, Honorary President of the Hellenic Department of the American College of Surgeons, Scientific Director, General, Bariatric, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Clinic, Athens Medical Center.

It is worth noting that since 2006, when the Robotic Surgery was held for the first time in Greece , more than 8,000 robotic surgeries of general surgery, urology, gynecology and pediatric surgery have been performed in the Athens Medical Group. At the same time, there have been world premieres , such as the first interventions of robotic cholecystectomy of a section, robotic semi-collectomy of a section, robotic rehabilitation of diaphorococcus for gastroesophageal reflux, robotic restoration of varicocele through a section, robotic bladder detachment of the pericardium, robotic thoracoplasty of a incision, single-section and one-section hysterectomy, as well as Whipple pancreatoctophytectomy. At the same time, trained doctors from the Group supported several scientific teams as official robotics trainers in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia, France, Latvia, Thailand and the United Kingdom, and participated in official seminars via the Internet.

The robotics departments of the Athens Medical Group are international centers of reference and excellence and cooperate with Universities in Greece and abroad. Among other things, the General, Laparoscopic, Bariatric and Robotic Surgery Clinic of the Athens Medical Center is recognized and accredited as the World Center of Excellence for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery by the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO). At the same time, doctors from the robotics departments are scientific members of leading educational organizations around the world, such as the IRCAD (Research Institute against Digestive Cancer) at Strasbourg University Hospital, which is considered to be the best robotic – laparoscopic urological “school “, The Reference and Education Center, ORSI Academy Belgium (Robotic Training Center and Pediatric Robotic Training Center), as well as the International Workshop in Robotic Surgery for Southeastern Europe and the Pan- rologikis Company (EAU – HOT Robotic Courses).

On the occasion of the procurement of the most modern Robotic Surgery system, d Vinci Xi H D, edition 2019 , the Managing Director of the Athens Medical Group, Vassilis Apostolopoulos said: “It is a fact that the future of health, globally, is indissolubly linked to the digital transition. In the Athens Medical Group, we are committed to being at the forefront of developments and preparing for new developments by constantly investing in new cutting-edge technologies and scientific innovation and innovation. For us, Medical Medical Group is a strategic choice and a long-term goal, and for the next 35 years, to continue to be the key Greek pole to ensure our country’s position in the transformation of the industry while, at the same time, a pioneer that finds daily application in our Group, to provide incentives and supplies for the repatriation of Greek scientific staff. ”

Dr. Konstantinos Konstantinidis said: “The Athens Medical Group is part of the international developments, as all the latest achievements of medical science apply to its clinics. Continuous investment in medical equipment, coupled with ongoing training, enables us to offer high quality medical services to thousands of patients, comparable to those of the best hospitals abroad. It is worth mentioning, among other things, the Single Site Robotic Surgery , which took place in Greece for the first time in 2011, and more than 500 interventions of this kind have been successfully carried out since then, firefly technology “and” digital surgery “. All of the above methods are part of the rapid advances in technology, aiming to deliver the best result to patients who have been trusting us all these years to operate safely, safely, while ensuring rapid recovery without complications. “

Select Best Insurer for the Home loans

Which insurer to choose for home loan insurance?

Which insurer to choose for home loan insurance?

Crowds of issues are offered to us for our credibility, a possible passage, but it is a step required by all institutions. A normal reaction because we do not speak hundreds of euros but thousands, a colossal amount to be clearer. Different kinds of insurers are available to us and our function is to estimate them; it sounds easy but on the contrary it is very confusing. So which to promote to accompany us in our long road of home purchase. To make your selection simpler, we will expose them so that you understand what coincides with your expectations. Follow us in our guide .

To cover your real estate reliability, you have the ceiling of depotentialities for the collection:

A league contract

A league contract

Shareholders banks

When you think of buying a house , the subject of financing follows; There are two cases you have, one is that you already have an investment for your future purchase and the other is that you may have a stake or you have nothing at all so you need to seek the funds. For its last situations, to make the loan from various stock exchanges can be a solution against this gesture requires a trust of real estate credit and without it, it is impossible that you grant anything. The search for a plumb is paramount and it is possible that your creditor himself provides you with statements. This is the first option and if its opening suits you, you can accept it anyway a termination of pact is now possible thanks to the Hamon law that authorizes after one year of signing. In general, only banks arrange collective contracts.

A solo contract or delegation of insurance

Direct consortiums

Why not play the challenges by opting for companies that have this proposal, you can compare prices to see the cheapest that will allow you to make savings. They are numerous so it will not be difficult to find one, adapted to your requirements. Be aware that both contracts must carry similar mortgages to avoid confusion. You can get in touch with them through technologies like phone, email or on the web. His main privilege is that it does not require moving from us; without stirring, we pick up all the answers to our riddles.

Companies with an agency branch

According to what we have seen a little higher, they exhibit the same symptoms except that we are taken in hand immediately with employees who are there to satisfy each of our needs. What is excellent, what one discards the contingencies by meeting them.


Private law branches offering its clients a doctrine and social protection, and since they are not profitable, their costs are tolerable. We benefit from tailor-made services for us, taking into account our availability and our limits.

After its variations, you can also choose an entirely different disposition, brokerage consortiums.


Composed by technicians specialized in the field, they put their know-how to help us find what we need. He will carry out an expertise to better know what is suitable for our demands and the risks that come with us; in overview, he is competent in this capital and devotes all his knowledge. Familiar with everything in this universe, an aptitude to find the best of all our advantages. Really, it saves you a lot of time because instead of comparing all the boxes that are practiced in the trade you just have to engage and it does the work for you. Its service is paying but its solutions will be beneficial, well defined, personalized and specific to you. The amounts applied will be lower compared to the divergent accesses.

Our latest tips that can serve you

Our latest tips that can serve you

Plan an insurance diversification expertise from the moment you become aware of the actual amount to borrow, the length of the repayment time and the value of the sum with the percentage of its interest that can be presented to you and without providing for the agreement of the liberality. That one consents you to: make rejoice the challenge by confronting all the treaties that will be presented to you, for example the services and: or the tariffs. In addition, it will save you time if at any given time, it is important you must complete fixed and clear health forms or additional therapeutic examinations to perfect your records. You will know if you are guarantor or not and what formalities you expose to the level of the recoveries, eliminations and bonuses. Finally, consider from the outset what other solutions you have on pledges and sureties in case your application was stalled.

At some point in our lives, providing a home is the intention everyone should have. Who can tell us that he does not need it, assuming no one; we all want it! For the conquest of this heritage, few are those who have the necessary funding and many are those who opt for another option for the realization of his dream of ownership, such as using a real estate credit agency and thereafter be obliged to subscribe to a home loan insurance.