As Self-Employed Pays Social Security and Retires With Benefit



How should the self-employed person pay social security?

Having an income in the third age and more tranquility in old age is a subject always on the agenda in Brazil. There is a growing number of professionals who leave their jobs with a formal contract and become independent professionals. If you are in this category it is important to know how stand alone pays social security and gets regularized.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil now has more than 22 million autonomous workers. Those who exploit their enterprises alone or with partners are considered autonomous. Formerly known as ‘self-employed’ professionals. But do you know how autonomous pays welfare?

When you are a CLT professional, social security charges are paid by the company in which you work. It is very common if you are a freelancer never having thought of contributing. But it is important to know how to proceed and make the payment on your own.

How autonomous pays social security?

How autonomous pays social security?

See the step-by-step guide for you as a freelancer to get the INSS guide payment. Look:

Step 1: The beginning of this process is to provide a PIS number. If you have already worked it already exists! it’s probably in your Work Card. If you do not have the PIS number, go to one of the Social Security agencies in your home city and make this request! She is important!

Step 2: With your PIS number in hand, it means that you already have a social security deposit account. Step two is to choose the type of contribution you want to make. Since you are a freelancer, you will be an “Individual Taxpayer”, the only thing that differentiates one from the other is the code number.

Code 1007 – Individual Taxpayer – INSS


This code indicates that you are interested in paying the INSS 20% of your total income. Valid for payment up to 20% of R $ 4,663.75. With this contribution you are entitled to both types of retirement: age and length of service. In addition, he is also entitled to INSS pensions.

Code 1163 – Individual Taxpayer – INSS


You will choose code 1163 if you want to collect 11% of the minimum wage, equivalent to an INSS payment of R $ 103.07 per month. Who uses this code also has to the INSS and pensions. However, you can only retire by age, not by length of service. By paying this tab you will have a payment amount for a minimum wage. Learn more about retiree must pay income tax.

Step 3: Once you have chosen how you are going to make your payment, simply complete the GPS (Social Security Guide) correctly. You have purchased this card from stationers and filled it in manually.

Step 4: Then just go to any bank or lottery house to make this payment.

If you are a professional who has worked as a freelance for some time but could not pay your INSS at some period, you can contribute late and make up for that time. To find out how much time you need to contribute, you just have to go to one of the Social Security agencies.